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Stroop Colour and Word Test

Stroop Colour and Word Test

Author(s): Charles Golden, Ph. D., Shawna Freshwater and Zarabeth Golden

Publisher: Stoelting 2002

Purpose: To differentiate normal, non-brain damaged psychiatric and brain damaged subjects
Candidates: Children's: 5-14 years of age, Adult: 15+ years of age
Administration: 5 minutes - Individual


The Stroop Color and Word Test measures cognitive processing and provides valuable diagnostic information on brain dysfunction, cognition, and psychopathology.

The cognitive dimension tapped by Stroop is associated with cognitive flexibility, resistance to interference from outside stimuli, creativity and psychopathology -- all of which influence the individual's ability to cope with cognitive stress and process complex input.

Each Stroop Test Booklet consists of three basic parts:Word Page -- the names of colour printed in black ink; Colour Page -- semantically meaningless symbols (X) printed in coloured ink, and Colour-Word Page -- comprised of the words from the first page, printed in the colours from the second page, with the restriction that the word and colour do not match.The task is to look at each sheet, and move down the columns, reading words or naming the ink colours, as quickly as possible, within a given time limit.

The children's version was developed in response to the demand for a Stroop Test specifically normed and interpreted for children.This version helps to identify deficits in executive processing, developmental deficits, and school-related problems.

The Stroop test has been useful in the identification of a number of significant disorders, and has been recommended as a valuable test for ADD/ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and to ascertain the degree of independence likely to be achieved by individuals with frontal lobe disorders.

The 2002 Adult Version Examiner's Manual provides updated scoring, norms, and interpretations for ages 15-90 years.

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