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Multidimensional Health Profile™ (MHP™)

Multidimensional Health Profile™ (MHP™)

Author(s): Linda S. Ruehlman, PhD, Richard I. Lanyon, PhD, & Paul Karoly, PhD

Publisher: PAR 1999

Purpose: To assess psychosocial and health risks in primary health care settings
Candidates: 18+ years of age
Administration: 15-30 minutes - Individual and group


  • Detects areas of clinical concern and areas for follow-up evaluation
  • Provides detailed information about psychosocial and health functioning


The MHP is a comprehensive screening instrument designed for general use in health-related settings.

The MHP consists of two, hand-scorable test booklets for use together or separately.The 58-item MHP-Psychosocial Functioning (MHP-P) booklet covers four areas: life stress, coping skills, social resources, and mental health.

The 69-item MHP-Health Functioning (MHP-H) booklet covers five areas: response to illness, health habits, adult health history, health care utilisation and health beliefs and attitudes.

The instrument can be used by professional health care personnel in settings where there is a desire to obtain preliminary information about patients in order to facilitate the delivery of appropriate health services.

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