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Children’s Depression Rating Scale – Revised (CDRS-R)

Children’s Depression Rating Scale – Revised (CDRS-R)

Author(s): Elva O. Poznanski, MD and Hartmut B. Mokros, PhD.

Publisher: WPS


6-12 Years
Administration: 15 - 20 Minutes


The Children’s Depression Rating Scale-Revised (CDRS-R) is a brief rating scale based on a semi-structured interview with the child. Designed for 6- to 12-year-olds, and successfully used with adolescents, it can be administered in just 15 to 20 minutes and easily scored in a few minutes.

Modelled after the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression, the Children’s Depression Rating Scale has long been used to diagnose depression and determine its severity. Now updated and standardized with complete interpretive and psychometric data, this sensitive rating scale can be used to diagnose depression and monitor treatment response. In schools and paediatric clinics, it can be used as a quick and economical screener, identifying children who need professional intervention.

The 17 symptom areas rated are:

  1. Impaired Schoolwork
  2. Difficulty Having Fun
  3. Social Withdrawal
  4. Appetite Disturbance
  5. Sleep Disturbance
  6. Excessive Fatigue
  7. Physical Complaints
  8. Irritability
  9. Excessive Guilt
  10. Low Self-Esteem
  11. Depressed Feelings
  12. Morbid Ideation
  13. Suicidal Ideation
  14. Excessive Weeping
  15. Depressed Facial Affect
  16. Listless Speech
  17. Hypoactivity

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